Between 2014 and 2019, we provided almost 40 online services available to Internet users with our campaign De-google-ify Internet.

In 2019, our not-for-profit association decided to close or restrict some of these services, for many reasons:

  • We refuse to become the “default” solution and to monopolize your uses and attention (that’s how we empowered GAFAM & Co).
  • 38 services, it’s way too complex for you to adopt and for us to host.
  • We wish to stay an organization of a human scale, and retain our human warmth… a sort of digital CSA.
  • We have therefore proposed a new step in the decentralisation of data by offering you alternative services from other hosting providers.

Trusted alternatives exist!

Our other services remain open

These free online services are funded by your donations and hosted by our association. Note however that, with some exceptions, Framasoft is not responsible for the development of the free software that powers these services. Their longevity, improvements and updates depend on the communities that ensure these developments.

Last update: 19/06/2023